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In this article we'll show Tips & Tricks to keep your account safe against Hackers and Scammers

Never Share Your Password[edit | edit source]

One of the most common ways to players loose their accounts on KoGaMa is sharing their passwords to others. If someone asks for your Password, do not give it to them. (You can also block them using the KoGaMa Buddy plugin, on Firefox).

Create a Strong Password[edit | edit source]

You need to have a different password for each account you have. Don't use the same password on all accounts, it will be easy to hackers invade all your accounts.

Passwords like kogama123 are easy to guess, also using your username as your password is easy to guess. And you should always make sure to remember your password.

Here's an example of a Weak Password & Strong Password:

Weak Password: iluvkogama123

Strong Password: MarleyApca#5287@

Confirm Your Email[edit | edit source]

Some scammers will try to trick you into putting a random email on your account, with the promises of Free Gold. The emails are commonly: & If you put one of these emails they will ask to reset your password, after that they will have access to it, and you will be locked out of your account. It's always good to have a confirmed email on your account, Incase you lose your password or get hacked, you can easily reset your password

Don't Enter Scam and Phishing Sites[edit | edit source]

You should NEVER click any link from unknown sites that aren't from the following domains:,, and
These are phishing scams attempting to steal your IP/Data and your account, by promising you Gold or Free elite and asking you to enter these links.

Log Out Of Your Account After Playing in a Public Device[edit | edit source]

If you're playing on a public or shared devices you should always log out of your account after playing, because other people that will use this device will have access to your KoGaMa account.

Don't paste code, install programs or run anything that looks suspicious[edit | edit source]

Never try to paste codes that someone else has told you to enter into your browser console as this appears to be a scam attempt and you could have your session stolen. Don't install third party software that isn't approved by KoGaMa developers, this could put your account or even your computer at risk.

What If My Account Got Hacked By A Hacker/Cheater?[edit | edit source]

You need to contact, you must send evidence and proof, that it's your account and that it has been hacked. Without evidence your report will be denied.

Can I Keep Multiple Alternative Accounts?[edit | edit source]

You can, If you use them well, plus, remember that it's not fair to buy models from your main account. For short words, You can, if you use it respectably.

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