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Avatar of the Week

The Avatar of the Week Badge is given to users who won the Community Highlights with a featured Avatar. You can have a chance of getting this badge by sending a link to your avatar to the HotW Suggestions#2988 [BOT] on the Official KoGaMa Discord Server, if the HotW Committee likes your avatar, they'll send it to the Community Manager and he will feature it as Avatar of the Week in one of the upcoming Highlights of the Week. In addition, you will be rewarded with the respective badge!


This badge is available on the Live, BR and was available in the Friends server.


Actually, you can't get this badge on the Friends server, since there aren't Weekly Highlights there.

Once, when the KoGaMa Staff chose the Avatar of the Week, they mistook the link, and this caused the badge to be awarded to a random user by error.

This badge cannot be awarded to:

  • Poor quality avatars.
  • Avatars that break the rules of kogama.
  • Avatars made by toxic users.

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