Avatars are constructions made by the community. They will represent you in Games and projects, and are very customizable. The most common kind of avatars are existing characters from comics, video-games, movies, and other media; original characters or even objects that aren't even people exist as well. When you're registered, you only have 1 slot available, but you can get more slots by clicking on the "+" sign on the top left-hand corner where you can select any of the Standard Avatars. All of them cost 140 gold, but Premium Avatars cost 100 gold.

Default Avatars

From left to right: Block Boy, Sword Girl (Block girl), Panda, Robot, Mr. Chang and King of Fire.

T BlockBoy Default Icon.png
Panda avatar icon.png
Robot Icon.png
Mr. Chang avatar icon.png
T KingOfFire Default Icon.png

Purchasable Avatars

From left to right: Santa's Helper, Santa, Croc, Soldier, Monster, Sandy (Purple girl);

Walker, Long claw (first michal), Robotic Hero, Bionic Pinguin, Skeleton, Zombie, Purple Block Boy (Brown Boy).

Santa Helper.png
Sandy (Purple Girl).png
Robotic Hero.png
Bionic Penguin.png
Brown Boy.png


In the Shop section it's possible to see the creations made by the Community. You can sell and buy avatars made by other users for a price of 140 gold. Every time one of your avatars is sold, you get 14 gold, (that is 10 percent of how much it costs to buy) as well as a 50 XP reward.


  • Formerly, avatars were worth 275 golds and you earned 200 golds each time your avatar was sold.
  • The King Of Fire default avatar can't be bought in the Avatar Editor Shop, which makes this avatar exclusive to the group of Default Avatars available when first setting up your account.

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