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A rocket launcher with devastating firing power.

The bazooka is incredibly powerful when shot towards groups of players.

You can also buy double ammo with the boost '' 2x ammo ''!


  • 12 rockets
  • Each shot decreases a rocket


  • Pickup Type: Rocket Launcher
  • Maximum (Direct Hit) Damage: 48
  • Damage Details: The damage reduces regards to how far the target away from the center of the explosion.
  • Fire Rate: 1 second
  • Potential DPS (Damage Per Second): 48
  • Click Rocket Jump for info.
  • Range: Far
  • Damage Type: Splash
  • Ammunition: 12 Rockets
  • Rocket Velocity: Relatively Slow
  • Rocket Hitbox: Relatively Small
  • Splash Radius: Medium


  • AoE Damage
  • Explodes on Impact
  • Decent AoE Hitbox
  • Can Instantly Destroy Jetpacks
  • Long Range
  • Rocket Jump
  • Can Damage Enemies Even When Protected by Walls
  • Can save you from hitting the ground too hard (Timing is Required)


  • Ineffective Against Jetpack Players
  • Relatively Slow Rate of Fire
  • Easy to Dodge at Longer Distances
  • Relies on Platforms to damage players
  • Recoil Damage (Can Damage Yourself if too close)


Game Coins:

  • 0-10000 coins requirement.


  • Your level or less level requirement.

Game Tier:

  • 0-3 Game Tier requirement.

Gold Cost

Free, standard inventory item


  • Bazooka Shooting Sound

  • Bazooka Pickup Sound


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