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Blockboy is the mascot of KoGaMa, and is used in their logo. He is one of the default avatars, and is also the Tourist avatar.

General information[]

Physical appearance[]

Blockboy appears to be a young boy, although his age is unknown. He has a wide body, a large square head, blond hair, and black rectangles for eyes. His attire is a blue striped shirt, red pants, and black shoes.


Blockboy on promotional pictures is portrayed as happy and outgoing. He is also portrayed as physically active. He has a variety of hobbies, such as playing sports and reading books.


Blockboy, on promotional images, is seen to be friends with the other characters. However, it is implied that Sword Girl, the default female character, is his best friend.


  • The avatar had a few mistakes on it, including painting mistakes. One of them being a block painted a different shade of red on his trousers than the Light Red block normally used for his trousers. Most of the mistakes have now been removed, but the paint mistake remains.
  • It is most often chosen from the default avatars, one of the reasons is that it's easiest to build something out of it.