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The Friends Classes Contest was a mini contest launched through the KoGaMa Discord Server by the old Community Manager AdmiralFjong on August 12th, 2019 and announced on the Friends Server 1 day later. It was made to showcase new interesting game experiences afforded by the brand new feature called Classes. The contest's submission deadline was 6 days after the first contest announcement, on August 18th.


Game Builders had to follow these rules in order to submit their game to the contest.

  • Create a game with an interesting, fun and unique gameplay using the new Game Tier Classes feature.
  • A maximum of 3 creators for a game.


  • There were 5 winning games. The creators of each game won a prize of 5000 gold, which was split between them and added to their KoGaMa accounts. (BR or Live).


3 days after the deadline, on August 21th the winners were announced in a News post.


This contest was the last one AdmiralFjong made before his Multiverse ApS departure.