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General description about Kogama community

Community[edit | edit source]

Forums & Discord[edit | edit source]

Social Media[edit | edit source]

Wiki[edit | edit source]

Old Websites[edit | edit source]

  • US Forums - The original forums for the KoGaMa US server (now the Friends server).
  • EU Forums - The original forums for the KoGaMa European server (now the main/Live/WWW server).
  • KoGaMa Forums v2 - Unofficial forums run by MrSovietOnion as an alternative to the US Forums
  • KoGaFans - Former KoGaMa fansite and forum run by GodCreator
  • KoGaMa Wiki (KoGaMaGame)
  • Official KoGaMa Wiki (KoGaMa Wiki)
  • The KoGaMa Wiki (Kogamians)
  • KoGama Wiki (KoGaMaSocialBuilder)

Game Creator Pages[edit | edit source]

Short description of chosen game creators and their game pages.

Community Events[edit | edit source]

Community Personalities[edit | edit source]

Short description of Community Personalities

T AdmiralFjong Default Icon.pngTree01.png
T Exelaratore Default Icon.pngTree01.png
T ᴳᴬᴹᴱᴿNexusᴳᴬᴹᴱᴿ Default Icon.pngTree01.png
T JuniorLopes Default Icon.pngTree01.png
Junior Lopes
T Kelim Default Icon.pngTree01.png
T YL Default Icon.pngTree01.png