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|[[File:T Youtube Default Icon.png|frameless|28x28px]][https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-8r2ycCK-dbUCLT3z-9COg Kweexy]
|[[File:T Youtube Default Icon.png|frameless|28x28px]][https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-8r2ycCK-dbUCLT3z-9COg Kweexy]

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The Content Creators are YouTubers who applied and joined a program for making videos and streams, and they collaborate with KoGaMa staff.

About the program:


We help you with the following:

  • Promote your videos throughout our social media.
  • Give you news about updates ahead of everyone else.
  • Assigning you the ‘Content creator’ role in our Discord server which gives access to exclusive KoGaMate channels.
  • Give feedback on your videos.

Types of videos

There are mainly three types of videos that we look for:

  1. Let's Play - The youtuber plays in various games (most often they are parkour) and talks.
  2. Tutorials - Voice is a bonus but not required.
  3. KoGaMa related speed art - with music.

If you want to be part of the KoGaMa Content Creator program, send an application to contentcreator@kogama.zendesk.com. Applications must be in English.

Click in the name to be redirected to the channel

Youtubers Subs
T Youtube Default Icon.pngKelim 4200
T Youtube Default Icon.pngCupcakeShiny 1120
T Youtube Default Icon.pngmrsinXival 964
T Youtube Default Icon.pngРадик - KoGaMa 884
T Youtube Default Icon.pngNost Algia 854
T Youtube Default Icon.pngCreeperGaymer 847
T Youtube Default Icon.pngWinnix 618
T Youtube Default Icon.pngwolf.gamer 608
T Youtube Default Icon.pngxtrail69 537
T Youtube Default Icon.pngJean-Guy Paquette 344
T Youtube Default Icon.png-ArctiX- 244
T Youtube Default Icon.pngDaniloch 224
T Youtube Default Icon.pngL.R.W. 151
T Youtube Default Icon.pngLinkky's Creations 140
T Youtube Default Icon.pngDvvv9 68
T Youtube Default Icon.pngSkitBR 52
T Youtube Default Icon.pngKweexy 49