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The Content Creators are YouTubers who applied and joined a program for making videos and streams, and they collaborate with KoGaMa's Staff.

About the program:[]


When you are part of the program, we offer you the following:

  • Promotion of your content to the community.
  • Our support and feedback regarding your current and upcoming content.
  • Discord Content Creator role & exclusive channels access.
  • A free Elite Subscription

Types of videos[]

We are mainly looking for these kinds of content:

  • Tutorials: Anything - Building Games/Avatars/Models, Logic usage, advanced tips, etc.
  • Let's play: Good playing times with voice commentary.
  • Instructional/Documenting: Tips & tricks, showing off new released features of the game, events, etc.
  • KoGaMa-related speed art with music.

We accept any content language!

If you want to be part of the KoGaMa Content Creator program, feel free to apply here.

You can also apply by contacting modmail#5756 from the Official KoGaMa Discord Server (using the same questions/answers format as in the Application Form) once your content fills all of these requirements:

  • Publish Content on a regular basis (do not apply if you have not made content yet, or if you are inactive since more than a month).
  • Have a great behavior in your Content and on KoGaMa in general.
  • Have your content suitable to be featured to young users; and free of any material said inappropriate (innuendos of controversial/18+/politics/cheats & hacks topics, or anything against the KoGaMa's rules).

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Youtubers Subs
T Youtube Default Icon.pngKelim +4520
T Youtube Default Icon.pngInsanos .Gaming +4350
T Youtube Default Icon.pngmrsinXival +2030
T Youtube Default Icon.pngРадик - KoGaMa +1300
T Youtube Default Icon.pngNost Algia +889
T Youtube Default Icon.pngCreeperGaymer +867
T Youtube Default Icon.pngL.R.W. +254
T Youtube Default Icon.pngKweexy +221