Kogama Wiki

These tables show the controls used on various Game Modes.

Play Mode

Key Secondary Description
<W> Up arrow key Move Forwards
<S> Down arrow key Move Backwards
<A> Left arrow key Turn/Move Left
<D> Right arrow key Turn/Move Right
<Space> Jump
<K> Respawn
<Left mouse button> Shoot
<V> Drop Equipped Weapon
<E> Use Nearby Object
<Q> Holster equipped weapon
<Enter> <T> Show Chat
<Escape> <M> Menu
<TAB> Show Player
<TAB> (While typing) Change Chat

Edit Mode

Key Secondary Description
Right Mouse Button Free Fly Mode
<Shift> Double tap movement key Fly Fast
<Space> <E> Fly Up
<Left Ctrl> <C> Fly Down
<PgDwon> Move Workplane Down
<PgUp> Move Workplane Up
<P> Toggle Between Play and Editor Mode
<1> Edit Cube
<2> Delete Cube
<3> Paint Cube
<G> Change Grid Snap Size
<F> Toggle Workplane
<L> Toggle Show Logic Cubes
<R> Change Cube Material
<I> Open Inventory
<N> Create New Model
<V> Focus On Selected Object
<Q> Clone The Selected Object