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Days Of Plenty

The Days Of Plenty Contest took place from November 12 to November 23, 2018. A large number of people participated in this fan-art contest.


Five winners were picked and rewarded with 2000 T GoldPixel Default Icon.png.

Judgement Criteria[]

  • Days of Plenty spirit - How well did your fanart resemble the spirit of Days of Plenty?
  • Originality - Was your fanart original?
  • Creativity - How unique and imaginative was your fanart?

More Informations[]

  • You could submit one fanart to the contest.
  • The deadline to enter the contest was November 21.
  • Winners were announced on November 23.


  • Your fanart should have showcased the spirit of Days of Plenty (Similar to Thanksgiving) in a KoGaMa style.
  • The fanart could have been drawn by hand or made via software.
  • If you drew by hand, the image that you uploaded to the contest should have been clear and high quality. Pixelated and blurry images wouldn’t have been considered.

How to enter[]

The fan-art should have been uploaded to Instagram or Twitter, with the hashtags #KoGaMa and #DaysOfPlenty added.


Note: There aren't the winners' kogama usernames, but usernames from their instagram profiles.