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Dual Revolvers


A pair of high powered revolvers.

Most effective in mid to long range combat.


Pickup Type: Dual Pistols

Damage: 12.5

Fire Rate: 0.25 second

DPS (Damage Per Second): 50

Passive: Recoil

Each shot repels you away from the direction you are facing, useful for speed and jump boosts and to reduce fall speed.

Range: Far

Damage Type: Single

Ammunition: 48 Bullets

Bullet Velocity: Fast

Hitbox: Tiny


  • Speed and Jump Boosts
  • Slow Fall
  • High Rate of Fire
  • Long Range


  • Low Damage
  • Tiny Hitbox
  • Can't be Effected by Recoil while Using a Jetpack


  • The old price was 300 T GoldPixel Default Icon.png.
  • Dual revolvers, revolver, bazooka and impulse gun are all weapons that boost the user's movement.
  • This pickup is stronger than revolver, but weaker than machine gun in terms of DPS.
    • However, dual revolvers can be used for mobility which can be used for certain conditions such as dodging attacks especially flamethrowers and mutanto or for quick escapes.

Gold Cost

Server Gold Cost
Friends 0 T GoldPixel Default Icon.png
WWW 0 T GoldPixel Default Icon.png
BR 0 T GoldPixel Default Icon.png
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