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The EU Forums were the original official forums for the KoGaMa EU (WWW) Server. They were the European equivalent to the US Forums, but with far fewer active members and posts and even less successfully archived pages.


Forum Structure[]

The following is the forum structure as of May 2, 2012.[1] Bold, non-bulleted items are merely dividers, and not actual forum boards. Items nested under bulleted items are childboards. Hyperlinks link to the most recent archived version available.

KoGaMa Game[]

  • News
    • Editor's Choice
  • Help & Assist
  • Feedback & Bug Reports
    • Feedback
    • Report Bugs

KoGaMa Resources[]

  • General KoGaMa Talk
  • Gallery & Work In Progress
  • Requests

KoGaMa Forum[]

  • Introductions
  • Off topic Discussions
  • Trash Bin
    • News Trash
    • Resources Trash
    • Community Trash

Board Information[]

The following is a list of boards, their descriptions, and their post numbers as of May 2, 2012.[1]


  • Description: "Follow this board to if you want to be up to date with the latest features and news on KoGaMa."
  • Posts: 76
  • Topics: 8
  • Most recent post: "Re: KoGaMa needs YOU!" by mrjolle (May 01, 2012)

Editor's Choice[]

  • Posts: 2
  • Topics: 1
  • Most recent post: "Re: Week 21: Beach Landi..." by wewyg (June 12, 2012)[2]

Help & Assist[]

  • Description: "Before asking for help, check the Q/A. Ask here for help here. Want to help someone?, check here."
  • Posts: 3
  • Topics: 2
  • Most recent post: "Re: Parkour Material" by Ultimoben (April 07, 2012)

Feedback & Bug Reports[]

  • Description: "Found something you love or do you just want to let us know that we're doing good work? Let us know!"
  • Posts: 0, Topics: 0; This board served to house the Feedback & Suggestions and Bug Reports childboards
  • Most recent post: "Re: holding weapons" by Wildestdrake (May 02, 2012)

General KoGaMa Talk[]

  • Description: "Want to share a KoGaMa story, share opinions or other? Do so here!"
  • Posts: 112
  • Topics: 23
  • Most recent post: "A new clan" by wewyg (May 02, 2012)

Gallery & Work In Progress[]

  • Description: "Found a neat trick with the Logic system or want to show off your KoGaMa game? Share the name and get more people to notice you!"
  • Posts: 11
  • Topics: 6
  • Most recent post: "[Logix Box] Security" by Wildestdrake (May 01, 2012)



  • Description: "Need help in managing or creating a KoGaMa game? Need a logic builder? Request assistance for your maps and ideas here!"
  • Posts: 3
  • Topics: 1
  • Most recent post: "Re: help" by blockboy (April 22, 2012)


  • Description: "Introduce yourself to the rest of the Community, and let us know of the different people enjoying the game!"
  • Posts: 7
  • Topics: 2
  • Most recent post: "Re: Hi, my name is Micha..." by wewyg (April 11, 2012)

Off topic Discussions[]

  • Description: "Share news from the outside world, enjoy a comfy chat with your fellow Kogama players, and just chill about."
  • Posts: 26
  • Topics: 6
  • Most recent post: "Real parkour pro" by wewyg (April 10, 2012)

Trash Bin[]

  • Description: "Here all the locked, closed and shut topics of each area is locked away tightly."
  • Posts: 0, Topics: 0; This board served to house childboards


Basic Stats[]

The following is a list of basic forum statistics as of May 2, 2012.[1]

  • Posts: 454
  • Topics: 95
  • Members: 35
  • Latest member: xXbilstadXx
  • Latest post: "A new clan" (May 02, 2012)
  • Most users online "today:" 6
  • Most users online ever: 18 (Feb. 25, 2012)
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