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User ethanf30's account page. https://www.kogama.com/profile/10525978/ ethanf30 is an inactive account recording it last online activity 2 years ago.

ethanf30's most popular game is Island Chaos: 50 plays, with 3 likes. This is Followed by Oreo Roll, 49 plays and 6 likes. Oreo Roll was created Apr 2, 2017.

Island Chaos was created Oct 20, 2016

The Profile is level 7 and rank 608,105 as of Wed, May 12, and with 10937 experience.

ethanf30 has 10 friends and 50 gold, 2 level badges and no comments on their page.

ethanf30 has 1 avatar, 2 games, 5 models, and 1 avatar for sale. https://www.kogama.com/profile/10525978/marketplace/model/ avatar v https://www.kogama.com/marketplace/avatar/a-10696067/ This player joined Sep, 27, 2016.

Their Bio: am a young boy who enjoys coding and some other things. They have 2 model sales and 0 avatar sales. The players profile has recorded one comment on a model: zainan999911 months ago Ihm im sorry but what dis im not tryina be rude sorry of im rude. They have a total of 13 likes on models,avatars, and games The players profile has recorded 5 comments on an avatar: ._Lidy_.10 months ago NOOOOOb ethanf304 years ago I know what you are but what am I? ethanf304 years ago says the man who misspelled the four letter word bruh spider man 2 the cool4 years ago noob spider man 2 the cool4 years ago moon

The player had their profile link shared 10 months ago by user TTTTTas. The users 10 friends: flames373,Alina885,Emily171,nico551,nesosath,Kevin6789123,TTTTTas,PuppyL16,haileym3,Hannah170. of the 10 friends the latest active was TTTTTas 6 hours ago, followed by PuppyL16 on their new account NardzLikeYou 11 months ago.

The player has no KDS account, forum account, Wiki account, or an account on the other KoGaMa servers. The player knows 7 of their friends in real life.