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Exelaratore is an avid builder and overall game creator on KoGaMa. Exelaratore began on the Friends server back in March of 2012 and built over 150 projects which many are held to high praise. Exelaratore moved over to the European server in 2017 to build games for a greater portion of KoGaMa's community.

Screenshot 2018-07-16 00.25.40.png
Fav Ice Cream
Raspberry Chocolate Chip

Joined KoGaMa on March 4, 2012

My Games [Live][edit | edit source]

KoGaMa Land Tycoon! Just Released!

Fort Flight 📅 Upcoming!

The Elevator 👤👤👤 Popular!

Waterworld Exelaratore's Favorite

Dragons & Ghosts

Speedrun Legend #1

2012 Easter Egg Hunt!

My Games [Friends][edit | edit source]

Gillygate Keep

Cops and Criminals

₪ The Shadow Golem ₪

Fire Awakening

Exelaratore's Discord Profile Picture

Destruction Site

Gladiator 100

CenterGunner Impairment

Summer Forest

My Avatars [Live][edit | edit source]

My Avatars [Friends][edit | edit source]

My Fanart[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • FoodStuffs is Exelaratore's KoGaMa YouTube channel. It has mostly tutorials for KoGaMa but also includes videos for other games.
  • Exelaratore's name in real life is Sean.
  • The name Exelaratore is a made-up name originally used by the main character from a comic Sean drew from his childhood. Other character names included 'Recker' and 'Slicer'.
  • Original Golden Skull

⟸The original source of Exelaratore's golden skull profile picture.