Kogama Wiki

Frequently Asked Questions[]

  • Where can I report hackers?

- You can report hackers by sending an email to support@kogama.com. You need to provide enough proof, that the hacker is using cheats. Screenshots help, but a video is more helpful in reviewing the report.

  • Where can I report bugs?

- You can report bugs right here: http://kogama.freeforums.net/board/3/bug-reports

Follow the instructions that are on that page!
  • Where can I provide feedback and suggestions?

- You can provide feedback and suggestions right here: http://kogama.freeforums.net/board/9/feedback-suggestions

  • How can my creation be considered for the Highlights of the Week?

- Send the link of the creation to the HotW Suggestions#2988 BOT through the official KoGaMa Discord server. The Highlights of the Week Committee will check every submitted creation and decide which of them deserve to get highlighted in one of the upcoming Highlights of the Week.

  • I lost access to my account or forgot my password?

- You must send an email to support@kogama.com, and the support will help as soon as possible.

  • Why are staff ignoring my messages?

- Staff are not ignoring any messages. They are a very small team, and they receive a lot of emails, messages and forum threads. They are reading everything, but it takes time. Thank you for being patient.

  • How can I become a translator?

- All translations goes through crowdin.com. Staff will announce in #announcements in the KDS when they're open for applications.

  • How can I become a Content Creator?

- KoGaMa is always looking for content creators. Artwork, Youtube videos, stream.
There are mainly three types of videos that KoGaMa Staff look for:
- Let's Play - The youtuber plays and talks
- Tutorials - Voice is a bonus but not required
- KoGaMa related speed art - with music

You can send your application right here