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Where can I report hackers?[ | ]

  • You can report hackers by sending an email to support@kogama.com. You need to provide enough proof, that the hacker is using cheats. Screenshots help, but a video is more helpful in reviewing the report.

Where can I report bugs?[ | ]

Follow the instructions that are on that page!

Where can I provide feedback and suggestions?[ | ]

How can my creation be considered for the Highlights of the Week?[ | ]

I lost access to my account or forgot my password?[ | ]

  • You must send an email to support@kogama.com, and the support will help as soon as possible.

Why are staff ignoring my messages?[ | ]

  • Staff are not ignoring any messages. They are a very small team, and they receive a lot of emails, messages and forum threads. They are reading everything, but it takes time.

How can I become a translator?[ | ]

  • All translations goes through official KoGaMa Discord server. Moderators will announce in #announcements in the KDS when they're open for applications.

How can I become a Content Creator?[ | ]

  • You can submit your application on the official KoGaMa Discord server. Moderators will announce in #announcements channel when they are open for applications. However, they are not seeking any content creators at the moment.

Translations[ | ]