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The Friends system is a social tool designed to provide better experiences with other players through various features. Two accounts can be "friends" if an account sends a request and the other accepts it.

Find and manage Friends[]

Friends can be managed through the "Find Friends" page, accessible by pressing the + icon at the top right of the Friend List. From this page users can add and remove Friends or accept and deny Friend Requests.
The "Find Friends" text field allows users to add/remove/accept/deny other users to their Friend list, by typing their exact username, or entering their Profile ID.
Below sections display the pending Friend requests, whether sent to other users or received by other users, and the current Friends list.

Benefits of being Friends[]

  • See when someone is online or offline (in the last case, the number of hours/days/months/years since they were last online is shown).
  • You can invite friends to your project, so you can build together (any friends who can enter your project are called Members).
  • Post messages on each other's wall.
  • Your tag will be shown as a lime color to your friends.

Friends Limit[]

A limit is set for every account. It gets higher each time you level up, (once you reach higher levels, there will be levels with no increase; eg. 31 - 33 remains at 405, and this number rises to 410 at level 34) from 0 to 20 friends (varies). It can increase from 30 at Level 1 to 430 at Level 45.


  • In the earlier days of KoGaMa, the friends' limit was much higher; some old accounts display thousands of friends.