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KoGaMa International Raceway is a racing map designed to host events that is created by player RealImagineer23 and several members of the Kogama Discord Server. It is currently in construction and has a release date set for March-April 2019. More information will be released as construction progresses.

Developers and their Roles[edit | edit source]

RealImagineer23: Project Manager, Spanish translator

Darkar Shadow: Project Co-Manager

Zorella: Project Manager Pro Tempore

_Kelim_: Track Builder, French Translator

_Oxygen: Track Builder

@JimPix@: Track Builder

Abaddon Lionis: Track Builder, German translator

anael00: Track Builder

CaptainJens: Track Builder

Cengaver: Track Builder, Turkish Translator

Dmitry 2015: Track Builder, Car creator

GAMER Nexus GAMER: Track Builder

GAZIUKAS: Track Builder

MineHeroPL: Track Builder, Polish translator

NEXxXUS: Track Builder

tourist vader: Track Builder

WORNER152: Track Builder, Car creator, Russian translator

YT_LcLeviYT: Track Builder

Challenge Races[edit | edit source]

The concept was developed by project manager RealImagineer23. Challenge races are where extra obstacles are added to the track to make it harder. They can be enabled when a game creator is in the game. Added obstacles include land mines, fire traps, trapdoors, speed barriers, and more. There are 5 levels of challenge races.

Tier 1: Few obstacles added. It's possible for players that have at least played a little (not tourists), but it'll be a little challenge for players that are low level.

Tier 2: Some obstacles added. It's very challenging for low-level players, but still possible for them.

Tier 3: Quite a few obstacles added. Possible if you have some experience with the game.

Tier 4: A lot of obstacles added. It's possible, but only if you have quite a bit of experience playing the game.

Tier 5: A whole lot of of obstacles added. It'll be a rage fest if a game creator is evil enough to trigger this.

EX Races[edit | edit source]

EX races are the most challenging races, and can be a living hell to many. You can only enter these if you get an invite from a game creator. Only those who are on the map's official Discord server may get them, and only the most dedicated members will receive them. In these races, all of the obstacles will be toggled, creating a huge challenge for even the most experienced players. The concept was also developed by project manager RealImagineer23, basing it off of the EX Raid Pass system from Pokemon Go.

Discord Server[edit | edit source]

As stated before, the map does have a Discord server. To join, use the link below