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Tron-Parkour is a advanced parkour game created by ᴳᴬᴹᴱᴿNexusᴳᴬᴹᴱᴿ,Kelim,Ace Ace and CaptainJens

Release date(s)
End of 2015
848 652


  • Member: Kelim - Levels 25 to 29.
  • Member: Ace Ace - Level 14,helped for mini-games and parkour idea.
  • Member: CaptainJens - helped for mini-games and parkour idea.


Tron-Parkour is one of the unique parkour game using rotators at each levels,which make it more skilled-based than regular parkours.


Tron-Parkour was published around end of 2015,when the game got published,the parkour only had 14 levels,and some mini-games was out too.

The game was getting updated pretty frequently the first 3 months (Update every 2-3 weeks) and then slowly stopped to update as the people getting less and less interest in the game at the end of 2016,and also because of a WebGL bug preventing people from joining with the browser.

1 year and a half later,Tron-Parkour got Game Of The Week,and the owner decided that it was time to update the game,at this point the game had 24 levels and 6 mini-games.


NOTH: Patch noths will start at 1.6,since it's when they started getting listed.

Patch noth 1.7.2 (November 16th,2018)[]

  • Emergency update,due to exploiters,i made a quick change to the spawn,a better solution will be find later.

Patch noth 1.7.1 (November 12th,2018)[]

  • Cube-gun mini-game removed due to exploiters.

Patch noth 1.7.0 (November 10th,2018)[]

  • LEVEL 29 re-worked
  • Added a LEVEL 30

Patch noth 1.6.2 (27/09/2018)[]

  • Fixed roof on level 14
  • Deleted security check for PvP mini-game
  • Deleted XP mini-game
  • Fixed SuperBouncy park mini-game

Patch noth 1.6.1 (25/09/2018)[]

  • LEVEL 9 is now easier to complete
  • LEVEL 24 is now easier to complete

Patch Noth 1.6.0 (21/09/2018)[]

  • 5 new levels!
  • 4 levels with a normal difficulty,and 1 difficult.
  • Added Global Speaker
  • Difficult levels are now showed with Blue Tron blocks.
  • Blue Portals fixed
  • Skipping difficults level with coins is now deleted.
  • The "Come back to spawn" feature has been deleted,because it was pretty useless anyways.
  • Reworked difficulty on these levels:
    • LEVEL 3: Now rotators take the whole space. Difficulty inchanged.
    • LEVEL 4: Decreased the difficulty.
    • LEVEL 8: Decreased the difficulty:
      • Changed the value of the rotators:
      • Part 1/3: Decreased value from 1.0 to 0.8
      • Part 2/3: Decreased value from 2.0 to 1.6
      • Part 3/3: Decreased value from 3.0 to 2.5
    • LEVEL 9: Add more way to finish the level. Difficulty inchanged.
    • LEVEL 10: Increased the difficulty.
    • LEVEL 12: Increased the diffculty.
    • LEVEL 13: Fixed and updated the rotators,and re-worked the difficulty patern.
      • Now the LEVEL 13 isn't on luck based anymore,rotators are placed in sort you can complete the level with different ways.
    • LEVEL 14: Temporaly disabled due to killing issue,will try to find a way to prevent that in the next patch.
    • LEVEL 19: Updated the rotators,put a floor under the rotators,to prevent seeing sky when they are unloaded and re-worked the difficulty patern.
      • Now the level 19 isn't on luck based anymore,rotators are placed in sort you can complete the level with different ways.
    • LEVEL 22: Decreased the difficulty
    • LEVEL 23: Increased the difficulty
    • LEVEL 24: This level is now considered as a difficult level and is now in a box. However difficulty has been decreased.
  • You should also inspect some levels...`


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