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The Game Creator Tournament event was a competition organized by Junior Lopes. It was announced in March 14th of 2018 on the news section of Live and BR servers, and players across those servers participated.

How it worked:[]

  • You could send a game at competition@kogama.zendesk.com (a developers' mail). They choosed 8 semifinalists.
  • Users had the opportunity to vote, then through eliminations the winner was chosen.



  • 14th: The contest was announced. First able day to submit games.
  • 28th: No more entries would be accepted.


  • 2nd: The 8 semifinalists were revealed. Also, the process of voting for the 1st finalist started.
  • 6th: The first finalist was announced.
  • 9th: The process of voting for the second finalist started.
  • 13th: The second finalist was announced.
  • 16th: Voting for the Grand Winner ended that day.
  • 20th: **The winner has been announced**


Winners got an exclusive badge of the event and they also received 1000 gold blocks.