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Game of the Week 2

Game of the Week 2 Badge is a badge as part of Highlights of the Week since 2020, it's given to users who won the Community Highlights with a featured game. However, the featured game itself is given if it is invested and well edited.

You can have a less chance to get it submitting your game link by sending a message to the HotW Suggestions#2988 through Discord, if the HotW Committee like your game, they'll send it to Community Manager and feature it as Game Of The Week 2 and will reward you with a badge!


This badge is available on Live and BR.

Note: This badge is rare and almost impossible to get, only 22 people have it.


  • Sometimes a game that won Game of the Week gets this badge (accidentally or intentionally, depending how).
  • Only 20 people can get this badge from one project.
  • This badge cannot be awarded to:
    • Parkour games.
    • Showcase games.
    • Poor quality games.
    • Games that break the rules of kogama.

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