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Game Tiers is a function announced on March 19th, 2019.


  • Game progression.
  • Provides an incentive for players to come back to replay (already played) games.
  • Earn Gold and XP (both builders and players).

How it works[]


On Build mode, place Crystals in your map or set a Crystal reward for winning. The Game Tiers mode will then be automatically enabled. To keep setting it, establish the total of Crystals and the reward of Tiers. There will be 3 tiers. You'll start with tier 0 and progress until tier 3.

Beta Mode[]

When your game is published with this mode for the first time, it enters Beta Mode. The system calculates how hard is it to win any level, so people won't abuse the system to gain a lot of XP. Playing the game while in this stage will aid this process. After some time, the game will go normal mode and everything will work normally, with game tiers fully functional.


After you get enough Crystals (or buy a tier), you'll unlock the next tier. The game owner can set the price, which is coordinated with the XP reward. The game builders can set the rewards to be unlocked, such as accessing Teleporters, weapons, and more options, including a Class.


Free Try is a shortcut to another tier (ex. Once you enter a game, and are presently in Tier 0, an option to access Tier 1, with all it's benefits, apart from the xp reward, by watching an ad, will be available). The free try will be gone once you die.