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Hamster Ball


A giant hamster ball

This bouncy ball offers a hilarious way of traveling. It can also float in the water!


The Hamster Ball is a giant ball where the player can get in and walk around the map, it works like a Hovercraft, but instead of a car is a giant Hamster Ball, besides the player inside the Hamster Ball. can be pushed with an inpulse gun by another player. It also can bounce if you jump too much, it doesnt breaks or anything by going at high speed, great for those who are scared of theirr hovercraft blowing up by high speed and high jumps or maybe you just want to bounce with safety


Game Coins[]


0-your Level

Current Price[]

Server Gold Cost
BR 0 T GoldPixel Default Icon.png
WWW 0 T GoldPixel Default Icon.png
Friends 0 T GoldPixel Default Icon.png