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Logo of the HotW Suggestions BOT & HotW Committee. This image has been made by MB_Lithium#2371 (Discord Username & Tag), moderator of the official KoGaMa Discord server.

The Highlights of the Week Committee (also abbreviated as HotW Committee) is a group of people that was created by AdmiralFjong (when he was a KoGaMa's Community Manager), that is responsible of finding the best creations made for the community and then forward them to Michal, so he can make the HotW announcement on the KoGaMa's news page of the WWW and BR server.

The HotW Committee checks the creations submitted by the community, and they decide which of them deserve to get highlighted in one of the upcoming Highlights of the Week.

(And they can indeed submit their own suggestions.)


This idea's objective, was to make the community able to interact in a more direct way with the KoGaMa Staff and the selection of the highlighted creations, since the community tends to be able to find a lot more of great creations than the Staff could find, and it results even more easier to find them when you have the help of more than 20 people that actually make part of this Committee. In this way, the Community Manager could just publish the better filtered creations (results) of the HotW Committee's discussion, and get a bunch more of free time to invert in other things related to KoGaMa's management (since the Community Manager would not have to invert that time checking all submitted creations made by the community, but the HotW Committee would do it).

HotW Committee after AdmiralFjong's KoGaMa leave

When AdmiralFjong left KoGaMa, the HotW Committee wasn't that active, since there was nobody able to hear Committee's opinion about which could be the next highlighted creations. So, after some months, a Discord server moderator called Dede[1], made a proposal to Michal, about implementing a new and easier method that could be used to choose creations for the upcoming Highlights of the Week. This idea was accepted and approved by him, and then, it's the current system that the HotW Committee is using to choose and forward to Michal great creations made by the community, that deserve to be highlighted in one of these announcements.

Highlights of the Week Committee's current members:

The HotW Committee, consists in a group of 21 people. They all manage the HotW Suggestions#2988 [BOT], and help users solving their questions related to the Highlights of the Week.

They are:

HotW Suggestions#2988 [BOT]

HotW Suggestions#2988, is a Discord BOT created by Dede[1], which is handled by the HotW Committee to receive the community's suggestions about the creations that could get highlighted in one of the next Highlights of the Week. The best creations are forwarded to Michal and he tries to make the Highlights of the Week announcement once a week.

Tips When Using the HotW Suggestions#2988 [BOT] service

1.- The HotW Suggestions#2988 [BOT] must not be used to have a casual conversation. On the contrary, the bot must be used to send Games, Avatars, Models or YouTube videos (related to KoGaMa) that you think are worthy to be highlighted in one of the upcoming Highlights of the Week.

2.- Do not submit a creation more than once. No worries! The HotW Committee checks every submitted creation and takes them into consideration, but they only choose the ones they like the most for the next Highlights of the Week.

3.- The HotW Committee doesn't really has a set date and time for when they publish the Highlights of the Week results, since it depends of Michal. This happens because he has a lot of other things to do as KoGaMa's founder; so he publish these announcements once he has gotten some free time. When Michal publishes the new Highlights of the Week's results, you should be able to see a KoGaMa news page for it on the WWW and BR server, as well as an announcement on the #announcements channel of the official KoGaMa Discord server.

4.- Please be patient, it will take some time while the committee is checking and approving your creation.

5.- Content made with cheats can not be considered for Highlights of the Week.

6.- Don't send links to projects; instead, send links to published games, since the HotW Committee members don't have access to your project!

7.- There are no Highlights of the Week on the Friends server, but you can send creations from the WWW and BR server, instead!


Before the HotW Committee would exist, the method that was being used to submit creations to the KoGaMa Staff to get your submitted creations highlighted in one of the next Highlights of the Week, was sending an email to "cm@kogama.com". The KoGaMa Staff would check the submitted creations and highlight their favorites. However, this was discontinued after the appearance of the HotW Committee.

Michal is currently taking care of hearing the HotW Committee's opinion about the creations that could get highlighted and then publishing the results in the Highlights of the Week announcement.

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