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The Hovercraft is a player-driven Kogama vehicle, and can be found in the store and in the 'Blueprints' tab; currently it costs 0 golds in BR, 50 in WWW, and 0 in Friends.


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Game Coins[]


Edit Model[]

  • In this configuration you can customize the hovercraft to your liking.


The player can access the Hovercraft by pressing "E" in the range of the vehicle (You must be in the close range of Hovercraft) ,when the ideal range is accomplished, an "E",in a dark-blue square, will appear on the player's screen, indicating that the player can sit in the vehicle and drive it. Pressing the "E" will, as prior mentioned, fulfill this motion.

The Hovercraft is a vehicle of extreme speed, with the logics of acceleration. Sometimes, the vehicle can crash into an object and then explode from the impact.The explosion affects the players and Oculus, dealing damage.

The Hovercraft, along with the HamsterWheel, can be targeted by Oculus, since Hovercrafts and HamsterWheels are living objects. Players can use this as an advantage to distract Oculus for an elaborate escape.

Hovercrafts are immune to the Poison block damage, and players can use Hovercrafts to get through otherwise impossible to cross passages made of poison, but the Hovercrafts do gain damage from the Lava block. When coming into contact with this type of block,the Hovercraft will get damaged and a fire will start on the back of the craft; this fire will increase in intensity the more the vehicle is damage, until it explodes.This fire status can be cleared when the hovercraft enters the range of a health pack. This is the same with the HamsterWheel.

Hovercrafts can pickup any kind of weapon,and can access Health pickups, but not the Mutant virus or the Speed Boost. Hovercrafts can be shot with all kinds of weapons, but can't be affected (nor can any player driving the vehicle) by the Mutant virus. When hit by any kind of weapon, it will receive damage, and depending on the weapon's power, it could be instantly destroyed.

When it comes into contact with another player at a high speed, the hovercraft may knock the player away, over varying distances, which depend on the speed of the craft.


HP: 200

Potential Damage (When destroyed):~40

Damage Details (When destroyed): The damage reduces based on how far away from the explosion radius the target is.

Explosion Range (When destroyed): Melee

Damage Type (When destroyed): Splash

Max Speed: ~307

Gold Cost[]

Server Gold Cost
BR Free
WWW Free
Friends Free


The hovercrafts were added on Apr 25, 2013.

The explosion of a hovercraft can be useful in destroying oculuses.

Once you had to pay for this item.