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There are four stores in Kogama. You need to have gold to buy something in these stores.


You can purchase user-generated models and avatars in the Marketplace.


Models are user-generated content which you can buy with 10 gold.


You can find user-generated avatars in the market and sell your own avatars. User-generated avatars cost 140 gold each.

Shop Inventory

You can open the shop inventory by clicking on the shopping venture icon on the bottom right when you are in a project. There you can buy premium models that could be helpful for creating a map, pickups like the Ninja run, Blueprints such as Teleporters and Jetpacks, and even normal and Advanced Logic. Upon buying those Tools, you can use them in every project you're part of. All of these cost 50 gold.


Themes can be used in projects to give it a better atmosphere. It can only be changed by the owner of the project. There are a lot of patterns you can choose. However, some of them require you to reach a certain level before you can use them. You can edit many things, such as the sky color, cloud height and rotation speed, stars, sun, moon etc. You can also activate a day/night cycle and toggle how long it goes (the maximum being 20 minutes or you can set it to server time). In order to unlock a theme for your map, you also need 100 gold. Changing the pattern removes the currently set theme and requires you to pay 100 gold for the new pattern, so you should better think twice when adding a theme to your map. After purchasing a theme, you can still change colors, toggle rotation speed of the clouds, set the sun and moon's size and height etc.

Cosmetic Shop

The cosmetic shop can be found at the bottom center in the avatar editor and at the center of the game window when you enter a game. It is separated into 3 categories, being Head Accessories, Particles and Back Accessories. The background color of the accessories stand for their value. Accessories with gray background have low costs, so they're common. Uncommon accessories have a green background and a higher price. Those with blue background are epic with an even higher price and those with purple background are legendaries with the highest prices. Once you equip an accessory, you can toggle its size and its height, so you can make it fit to your avatar a lot better.