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KoGaEvents is a Discord server created by Kelim with the help of Dogeritoz. It has been created in the purpose to play

KoGaMa games under the form of an event, and reward the winners of them by some Gold. All this to assemble the KoGaMa community and have a great time and fun on KoGaMa.

What's an event?[]

An event is a session in which people play a game that any Host chooses. In them, players generally battle to win the game, and therefore earn the promised reward in the announcement of the event. The host can decide many things regarding the event, such as how much Gold the winners will get, how many Victory Points the winners get, and how many rounds the event will contain. After each season there is a summary of who how many tokens he has earned

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How to Join[]

http://discord.gg/2P3jZd5 - Use this link for entering and inviting your friends.


In October 2020, an icon server was prepared in honor of Halloween.