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The KoGaFriend badge is an award given to a few users. It's rewarded in unspecified intervals, referred as Rounds.


“A KoGaFriend is a nominated KoGaMa user who has helped Multiverse. Through things like community building, events, contests, bug tracking, or other positive influences”.

A small Multiverse committee will consider the nominations from the community and recommendations from the developers' team. Every person awarded a KoGaFriend badge will be called out as to why they have been selected.


This badge is available on Live, Friends and BR.


  • As of Round 6 of nominations, only 58 players have this badge, making it one of the rarest badges in the game, needing a lot effort to be obtained.
  • Earlier AdmiralFjong chose people who would get this badge, now Discord moderators do it (Taking in count developers' opinion).
  • During Round 1 of nominations, Jatsu and awoi were nominated but didn't receive the badge until Discord Moderators noticed it during Round 5.
  • Up until Round 6, only users who had received the badge in previous rounds could receive special mentions at the end of the round's announcement. However, in round 6, Leek became the first user to ever receive a special mention in a KoGaFriend Round before obtaining the badge itself.