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KoGaMa is a 3D cooperative building game developed by Multiverse ApS and published in 2011, in which users can play, share, and create games with ease. By creating terrain, building Models, and using game logic, users can create anything from an adventure game to a battle game. The game was published on September 17, 2011

No payment is required in order to create an account and play, though Gold or an Elite Subscription may be purchased in order to unlock exclusive content. No download is required to play. A Standalone Client is available for Windows computers and a Mobile App is available for Android devices.

Servers[ | ]

There are 3 servers: WWW, Friends and BR.

WWW - Official server & the most popular.
Friends - Test server & restricted access.
BR - Server for Brazilian users.

Features[ | ]

KoGaMa is an open-ended game that allows you and your children to partake in many different activities together. These are some of the main ones:

Play a Game

KoGaMa offers thousands of games for your kids to play and explore. Each and every game was created by other players or the KoGaMa team.

Create a Game

Every player has access to fun and intuitive tools to create their own worlds and games, in the PC version of the game only.

Edit your appearance

It’s easy to customize your avatar into anything you may wish, allowing every player to express their individuality.Just like games, you can't create an avatar on your phone.

Buy and Sell Items

KoGaMa players can create their own Models and Avatars and share them with the rest of the community through the Marketplace, where you can sell and buy items.

Talk to Friends

KoGaMa players may add other players as friends, play and create together and trade private messages among them. The messages have a content filter to suppress negative behaviors among players.

System requirements[ | ]

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