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The KoGaMa Discord Server (often shortened KDS) is the Official Discord Server for the game. It's run by the Admins and also by some volunteers. It was created by AdmiralFjong, former Community Manager, but the current owner is Michal since AdmiralFjong left the community.

How to join[]

After you made your Discord account, you can join the official KDS! There's also the biggest fan-made server.

The invitation to this server is discord.gg/kogama


Every text/voice channel has its own function:

Informative channels[]

#welcome: The channel you land in when joining the server. It contains some important information, so read carefully. You can also get Mention Role on this channel.

#rules: The server rules. Take your time to read them and do not try to break them. Breaking them will be punished with warns, mutes or even the role of no xp.

#news: News regarding game. (Highlights Of The Week, etc.)

#game-status: Here you can see news and information about game issues status.

#announcements: Announcements regarding KoGaMa.

#faq: Here you can see questions that are often asked as well as answers to them.

#social-media: Updates on KoGaMa's social media platforms.

#kogafriend-recipients: Here is the list of who receives the KoGaFriend badge because of their contributions. There have been 5 rounds so far, 50 people have received this badge for very great contributions.


#general: Here you can talk about anything you'd like, e.g. how your day was, what experiences you've made or other topics such as cars, nature, coding, you name it.

#general-2: Channel to start topic, if in #general someone is already talking.

#issues-n-bugs: This channel is used to report and talk about bugs. Please share bugs here only if you already reported them on the forum! (link: http://kogama.freeforums.net/ )

#suggestions-n-feedback: Here you can give your feedback about the game itself, new updates or the weekly highlights as well as giving your own suggestions for the game!

#bot-commands: Here you can use the commands of the bots on our server. (Among other things !rank to check your level)

Off Topic

#art: Here you can share all your art and creations that are unrelated to KoGaMa.

#music: Share and discuss about music in general.

#memes: Share here your favorite memes.

#other-games: Here you can chat about any other game that isn't KoGaMa, for example Roblox, Overwatch, League of Legends, Fortnite, Minecraft or other games.

#movies-n-books: Here you can share and talk about movies, series, and books.

#sports: Here you can talk about sports, whether if it's about own activities, workouts or sport events like soccer matches or anything of that kind.

User Generated Content[]

#share-your-creations: Use this channel to share your own KoGaMa creations, whether it's a game, avatar, model, logic or something else.

#videos-n-stream (Also known as the content creators' natural habitat): Have you got a fancy and great video about KoGaMa? Make sure to share it here!

#kogama-art: Take a look at all these nice screenshots and fanart for KoGaMa! Make sure to share your own ones here, too!

#hotw-suggestions: This channel is closed now. It used to send here suggestions regarding next Highlights Of The Week. You should now send your creations to HotW Suggestions#2988 through Discord.


#general-help: Need some help? Make sure to ask a question here. Maybe other users will be able to help you. If there's something important you want to ask a developer or anything specific that you don't want to ask there, you can write a direct message to modmail and us moderators and all staff (michal, unicorn, tokeeto e.t.c.) make sure to answer as soon as possible!

#logic: You want to add a logic system, but don't know how? Here's the right place for you to look for help!

KoGaMa Wiki[]

#wiki-announcements: Announcements regarding the KoGaMa Wiki (this site).

#helpful-links: Important pages you may want to check before contributing for the wiki.

#wiki-general: Here you can talk about anything related to the Wiki. (e.g. on how to create an article, or ask for the role of wiki helper)

#edit-suggestions: If you want to help someone with editing or think that a page requires to be edited, talk about that here.

Ask me Anything[]

#questions-and-chat: This channel is used for QnA sessions where we can ask any questions to the developers.

#answers: Here you can find the answers to questions that received an answer.

#michal-questions: An unused channel which might be used for a QnA session with Michal.

Team up[]

#looking-for-group: You want to play a game and want to invite others? Meet up in this channel!

#voice-chat: If you don't have a microphone or can't talk in a voice chat currently, you can chat here.


  • #polska-weryfikacja is a place where you need to verify your KoGaMa account in order to get access to the #pl-polski channel, but do that only when you can speak the language without any issues, otherwise you won't be verified.
  • #Verificação-português is a place where you need to verify your KoGaMa account in order to get access to the #br-português channel, but do that only when you can speak the language without any issues, otherwise you won't be verified.
  • The other channels in the International channel should be self-explanatory. (These are German, French, Russian and Spanish channels)

Trivia: There are more international channels, but as there is not an active moderator able to speak those languages, these channels are temporally closed. (For example, it-italiano and tr-turkish).


#music-bot-rules: Rules you should follow to use Music Bots.

#music-bot-channel: Here you can use the bot when you connect to the music-bot voice channel.


#mod-announcements: It was announcements channel which mods can access, mostly used to announce Discord server issues or problems on KoGaMa as well as announcing changes and warning everyone about a certain thing. It's closed now, and moderators doesn't use it now.


The official KoGaMa Discord server has its moderators, and here is their list:

  • English - All moderators. [1]
  • German - @SuspiciousCatnip[2] @Timur4ik.
  • Spanish - @Alm1v[3] @- HDB -[4] @NaKYaG[5] @RoentaPolenta.
  • French - @Kelim[1] @Dogeritoz[6] @SuspiciousCatnip[2] @Aligator.
  • Italian - @SuspiciousCatnip[2].
  • Polish - @Superpluz[7] @Sythile.
  • Portuguese - @Alm1v[3] @MB[8] @_Fernando[9] @|Gabriel|.
  • Russian - @Aligator.

Other Roles[]

KogaTutor - This role could have been given in the past to people that constantly help users with their logic systems on the #logic channel. As well to friendly users that always were there to solve new users' questions; "like server's teachers".

Content Creator - The role for people who took part in the CC Program, content creators are people who publish content on: YouTube, Twitch, Instagram.

HotW Committe - Are the people who handle the HotW Suggestions bot, they choose the best creations made for the community and then forward them to Michal, so he can make and publish the new Highlights of the Week announcement on the KoGaMa's news page of the WWW and BR server (that then are published on the Discord server by the server's moderators).

Translator - Is a role for people who translate news, translators are sometimes sought on Discord.

KoGaFriend - “A KoGaFriend is a nominated KoGaMa user who has helped Multiverse through things like community building, events, contests, bug tracking, or other positive influences”.

KoGaMate - Role that is given to people that are active on KoGaMa (website & the Discord server) and that really contribute with the KoGaMa community. For example, users that already have any of the following roles - KoGaTutor, Content Creator, HotW Committee, Translator, KoGaFriend, Active Wiki Helper - can be considered to get the KoGaMate role for all the positive acts they have done.

Wiki Admin - Role for people who moderate the KoGaMa Wiki.

Wiki Helper - Role for people who are level 50 on the KoGaMa Wiki.

Mention role - You can get this role by checking the reaction when new messages appear in #news and #announcements, instead of pinging everyone, moderators will ping this role.

Level Role - Each level has a role (from 1 to 150). The official KoGaMa Discord server uses the level up system of the MEE6#4876 Discord bot.

Verified Polish and Verified Portuguese - The Verified Portuguese & Verified Polish are rare roles, they've been removed in the past and can't be obtained again.

Staff - Role for KoGaMa developers.

Bots - Role for bots that are on the server.

Warning - This role can be obtained for breaking the rules, including pinging staff.

No XP - You can get this role for breaking the rules, when you have it, you don't get XP for writing, which prevents you from leveling up.

No PL - This role blocks writing on the #pl-polski channel.

No PT - This role blocks writing on the #br-português channel.

No Stream - You can't Go Live with this role.

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