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"KoGaMa Majkel"
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Joined KoGaMa on Jan 2, 2018

About him[]

  • Birthday: May 29
  • Gender: Male
  • Real name: Michał
  • Nationality: Poland.


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  • KoGaMa Majkel - is an old KoGaMa player, he actually started playing it on June 2014 as a tourist. He had a lot of accounts and often moved to another account. He started playing KoGaMa because his cousin shown him the game. Now KoGaMa is his favorite game. He was doing gameplays videos, but has stopped it and removed all his videos. In 2017 he created another account, and got banned 6 months later for unfair advantage while he was trying to reach the Level 26. The account is now deleted. In 2018 he created the current account he has under the nick of KoGaMa Majkel. He's often playing KoGaMa and contributing to the wiki. (Recently, KoGaMa Majkel returned to KoGaMa after a break that lasted over a year).


  • Tennis Arena - Published on May, 2018 / Game Of The Week - See the page about this game here.


  • Spooky House - House with interior equipment / Model Of The Week - Built with AmazingMike_88
  • KoGaMa Hotel - Hotel with interior equipment - Built with -CaptainDoDo-