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A KoGaMian's avatar

A KoGaMa avatar.

The KoGaMa Users (KoGaMians for short) are the players that play KoGaMa, actually more than 25 million players play KoGaMa.

The features[]

Playing a Game

KoGaMa offers thousands of games for kids and adults to play and explore. Each and every game was created by other players or the KoGaMa team.

Creating a Game

Every player has access to fun and intuitive tools to create their own world and games. Bear in mind, that the Android version of the game does not support building (meaning, you cannot build nor edit your avatar).

Edit your appearance

It’s easy to customize your avatar into anything you may wish, allowing every player to express their individuality. Just like games, an avatar cannot be created on the phone.

Buying and Selling Items

KoGaMians can create their own items and share them with the rest of the community through the market, where they sell and buy items. If someone buys your item you get gold (10%)

Talking to Friends

KoGaMians may add other players as friends, play and create together and trade messages among them. The messages have a content filter to suppress negative behaviors among players.


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