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L.R.W. also known as larwa, is a KoGaMa player helping the community in many ways, as creating youtube content, mostly tutorials, compilations, games reviews, and more. He is a HotW Committee member, a bug checker, a Content Creator program member, he translates news to Polish, even helps this Wiki!


Power Intermixture - a speedrun game with fourth courses with different levels of difficulty. Each course has a special class with a special power adjusted to the course. (there are 4 powers: slow falling, double jump, slippery shoes, and double jump) The game was highlighted on these Highlights of the Week as a Game Of The Week 2

Randomizer - a game showing many advanced logic systems, it contains some randomizing stuff - options with which you can draw some things like a random number, random color, also it has some interesting options, like "throwing the dice" with an animation. The game also contains some game stuff, you can play "spin-the-bottle" game, or play the game called "oracle", it draws a text answer after asking it for a question. There are many updates planned, for example, the "tic tac toe" game.

Realistic: Parkour - The game related to climbing at skyscrapers. Unfortunately, the game is lagged due to the incredible details.

SuperHard - a standard speedrun game.

Fast Ice Park - a standard speedrun game

AmazingSpeedTrack - a standard speedrun game

INVIBURG - The capital of larwa's building clan called INVICTA, unfortunately, the game is currently closed due to a case of copying.

Upcoming Projects[]

3 Locations Conflict - a PVP taking place in a city threatened by terrorist attacks. There are 2 teams - Terrorists & Antiterrorists the goal of these first ones is planting a bomb in one of three locations, if they succeed, antiterrorists have a chance to defuse it in 45 seconds.

Realistic: Racing - A racing game that shows how real races looks. The game also has great terraforming.


Larwa is the owner of INVICTA, his own building clan. Its members helps with projects of each other.

L.R.W. Created his main account on December 06th 2016, but that's not his first account, he has created mleczor2 first.

The first nickname of current larwa's account was 'mlecz or'

Larwa did not make his main XXXTentacion avatar, as a lot of people think, he bought it from here as a joke, but finally he liked it a lot and has not changed his avatar for longer than 1 day for over a year and a half. Earlier he was playing with his other avatars, and he was frequently changing them.


Live Server - L.R.W.

Friends Server - L.R.W

Brazil Server - L.R.W.

The Youtube Channel[]

  • Larwa's youtube channel has 255 subscribers, 573 hours of watchtime, and 20 000+ total views, that's a really cool score for a YouTube channel related to KoGaMa.
  • Larwa to edit his videos uses a really simple and free editing software - Movavi Video Editor 14
  • To make the thumnbails he uses Adobe Photoshop CC 2018