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Infuses the player with lightning speed. This enables players to cross long gaps and climb steep walls, at high speed. Increase the speed while the Frost Sentry

is activated than the normal player's speed.


Pickup Type: Buffing Package Speed Multiplier: 4x Duration: 7 seconds

Pro Tips:[]

  • Can be Used for Quick and Easy Escapes
  • Improves your Ability to Dodge
  • Can be unlocked with coins (250-5000)
  • Can be unlocked with Game Tier (1-3)
  • Can be unlocked with levels (1-45)
  • Lightning Speed is a reliable, quick way of escaping a battle, others being Mutanto, revolvers, Impulse Gun, and Hovercraft.

Building Tips:[]

  • This can be used as a power-up in the adventure games (Indie);
  • As an additional item for VIPs
  • As a power-up for WAR 4 games

Current Price and the Old Price:[]

Server Gold Cost
Friends Free
WWW Free
BR Free
Server Gold Cost
Friends 225 T GoldPixel Default Icon.png
WWW 450 T GoldPixel Default Icon.png
BR 450 T GoldPixel Default Icon.png
Ninja Style! News published in the 8 Oct. 2014..jpg


This was announced in 8 Oct. 2014 (2014 - Early 2015) as a new update. The new update announcement contained three new items: Shuriken, Multi Shuriken and Lightning Speed.

The link: https://www.kogama.com/news/70/