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The machine gun is a weapon capable of auto-fire, and can be sometimes considered a basic weapon.


A fully automatic rifle capable of firing a large amount of bullets towards the target.

This rifle is at its best in clone to mid-range combat.


  • 150 bullets.
  • Each shot decreases a bullet.


  • Pickup Type: Machine Gun
  • Damage: 11.6
  • Fire Rate: 0.125 second
  • DPS (Damage Per Second): 92
  • Range: Far
  • Damage Type: Single Auto
  • Ammunition: 150 Bullets
  • Bullet Velocity: Fast
  • Hitbox: Tiny


  • High Consistent DPS
  • Long Range
  • Extremely High Ammunition
  • Automatic
  • High Rate of Fire


  • Somewhat Inaccurate in Combat
  • Tiny Hitbox
  • Relatively Low Damage Per Shot


The sound got added after the concept one, See the History heading for more.


Game Coins:[]

  • 0-10000 coins requirement.


Your level or less level requirement.

Gold Cost[]

Free, standard inventory item.


The machine gun, originally the "center gun," was among the first weapons released.  It was not an automatic weapon; instead it fired one bullet per mouse click.  A short-lived early version fired two red projectiles simultaneously side-by-side. Also, it has had the same sound as the current one but with some fireworks sounds while shooting with it.[1]