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Machine Gun


A fully automatic rifle capable of firing a large amount of bullets towards the target.

This rifle is at its best in clone to mid-range combat.


  • 150 bullets.
  • Each shot decreases a bullet.


Pickup Type: Machine Gun

Damage: 11.6

Fire Rate: 0.125 second

DPS (Damage Per Second): 92

Range: Far

Damage Type: Single Auto

Ammunition: 150 Bullets

Bullet Velocity: Fast

Hitbox: Tiny


  • High Consistent DPS
  • Long Range
  • Extremely High Ammunition
  • Automatic
  • High Rate of Fire


  • Somewhat Inaccurate in Combat
  • Tiny Hitbox
  • Relatively Low Damage Per Shot


Game Coins:

  • 0-10000 coins requirement.


Your level or less level requirement.

Gold Cost

Free, standard inventory item.


The machine gun, originally the "center gun," was among the first weapons released.  It was not an automatic weapon; instead it fired one bullet per mouse click.  A short-lived early version fired two red projectiles simultaneously side-by-side.[1]
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