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Models are constructions made by the community to add characters, decorations and many other useful things.

Creating Models

Press "N" when you're in a project (or click the model icon on the lower right). You can choose a small, medium or big model format. You can build a model with the maximum dimensions of 24x24x24 blocks.

Putting Models in Inventory

Right click on a model then click "Add to Inventory" and wait.

Deleting Models

Right click on the targeted model, then go down and click "Delete".

Putting Models

First enter a project, you can then open your inventory (Press ''i'', or click the inventory icon on the right, which is shown as a box with an arrow) and place any model, no matter if it's a self made one or a purchased one. You can edit them by pressing the right mouse button and clicking on the "Edit model" button.

Selling Models

You can sell your models in the store by pressing the "i" in the bottom right-hand corner of the model, go to the "i-con info" option, where you need to give your model a name and description. If you have done that, you can then sell it. Your model will now appear in your shop for sale, it may also appear in the popular models tab if many people buy it. You can buy other user's models for 10 Gold and the seller will receive 1 gold, along with 200 xp when a model is sold, as will you when one of yours is sold.

  • Note: Currently the models can only be sold through the WebGL browser (To prevent use of cheats in images).


  • Formerly, models were worth 30 gold cubes, and 20 gold was obtained for the purchase, i.e. 3/4 (66.6%).

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