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Infuses the player with mutagenic powers. The player will be invincible, super fast, and killing anything it touches.

Become a super hero, or super villain, by turning into a mutagenic freak, capable of decimating any enemy you touch!


Upon collection, the pickup enhances the players' speed and jump height, and renders them impervious to virtually all forms of damage.  This "mutant effect" last for 20 seconds and is characterized by an avatar flashing green with green fire particles.  While players have the effect, they cannot collect new mutant pickups until the effect wears off.

Mutant players kill other non-mutant players upon touch, provided they're not on the same team. This instant kill ability does not affect NPCs.

Mutant players can die by falling off the world or by suffocating within a solid block; more direct forms of damage are cancelled by the effect.  Such makes bazookas, impulse guns, swords, and other weapons with a knockback effect the most effective means of combating a mutant.

The mutant pickup has no impact on hovercrafts, but a player may collect the mutant pickup before boarding a hovercraft.

While mutant players can come into contact with poison and suffer no ill effects, there is an exception: if a player becomes poisoned before collecting the mutant pickup, the poison will be neutralized while the mutant effect is active, then take effect again once the mutant wears off.  In these cases, the player will display both poison and green fire particles while the mutant is active.

Mutanto destroys all other equipped pickups upon touch without giving the player the option not to collect it. It can stack with lightning speed, the mouse pill, and the growth pill.


Game Coins:[]

  • 0-10000 coins requirement.


  • Your level or less level requirement.

Game Tiers:

  • Requires 1-3 Tiers to unlock.

Current Price:[]

Free, standard inventory item.


  • Mutanto Sound Effect

  • Mutanto Growing Effect


  • When first released, mutant provided the only means of surviving falls from extreme heights, even those that a skilled impulse gun user couldn't survive; the addition of Flame Throwers later that year added a third means. It also provided the only means of speed boost and jump boost until the release of lightning speed and classes.
  • Until recent years, mutanto was simply named "mutant."
  • Health pickups used to "cure" players of the mutant effect.
  • The original pickup model was easy to replicate with models.