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With different Team Colors.

Oculus gigantic eye

Oculus gigantic eye.

Description[ | ]

A customizable monster from another dimension. Hunts and kills nearby players.

These hideous creatures only have one vulnerability: Their eye! Jump on it to bounce high!

Behavior[ | ]

It's behavior can also be modified to reduce it's range and aggro. It is also possible to modify the model to have a smaller or larger hitbox.

Configuration[ | ]

Team[ | ]

If a team color is selected, the oculus will only kill the players on any opposing team.

  • BlueTeamBlue
  • RedTeamRed
  • GreenTeamGreen
  • YellowTeamYellow
  • NoneTeamNone

Settings[ | ]

  • Range (0-100): Concerns the range of the Oculus; how near a player has to be until it is detected and attacked by the oculus.
  • Aggression (0-100): If you get hit, how drastic is the knock-back?
  • Lives (0-∞): How many times can the oculus respawn after being killed.

Edit Model[ | ]

  • You can create a model that goes along with the Oculus.

Appearance[ | ]

Its appearance is built around a gigantic eye with white pupils. It can change to a yellow, green, red or blue eye depending on the team setting.

Sounds[ | ]

  • Oculus "flying" Sound

  • Oculus Hurt Sound

  • Oculus Hit Sound

Gold Cost[ | ]

Server Gold Cost
WWW Free
Friends Free
BR Free

Trivia[ | ]

  • In the past, Oculus had a detailed red eye and couldn't be on any team. It also wasn't free and you needed to buy it.

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