Kogama Wiki

Pickups are special items you can place in projects that players can interact with.

You can use them to enhance gameplay and provide players with objectives.

There are three kinds of pickups: weapons, effects, and collectibles.


Weapons allow players to duel in PvP battles, dealing damage or providing effects.

NOTE: Not all weapons deal damage.

There are currently fifteen (15) Weapon Pickups: Impulse Gun, Rail Gun, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Bazooka, Sword, Flamethrower, Cube Gun, Revolver, Dual Revolvers, Shuriken, Multi Shuriken, Mouse Gun, Growth Gun, Heal Ray.

  • The Impulse Gun allows players to push enemies away or to move quickly by aiming at the ground. Charging the Impulse Gun by clicking and holding grants a greater push.
  • The Rail Gun allows players to instantly kill players who are not under the effect of Mutanto or Giant.
  • The Shotgun fires five bullets in a scattered manner.
  • The Machine Gun fires bullets precisely and quickly.
  • Bazookas fires rockets that explodes on impact, dealing splash damage to those in its small blast radius.
  • Swords are short-range weapons that deal damage to opponents and push them slightly back.
  • Flamethrowers spew out flames that deal small amounts of damage and can pass through blocks.
  • Cube Guns allow players to build small creations, such as bridges, forts, or stairs.
  • Revolvers have slow recharge times, but high recoil, allowing players to use them to move slightly faster.
  • Dual Revolvers grant the player two Revolvers to use at the same time, allowing for faster firing.
  • Shurikens are projectiles (affected by gravity) that deal damage to players.
  • Multi Shurikens are scattered projectiles, allowing for a wider range.
  • The Mouse Gun allows the player to shrink opponents, decreasing their health and removing their weapon.
  • The Growth Gun allows the player to enlarge opponents, increasing their health and providing them with the ability to punch.
  • The Heal Ray allows players to heal others to 100% and even temporarily to 200%.


Effects grant the player a temporary boost in stats.

There are currently five (5) Effect Pickups: Health Packs, Mutanto, Lightning Speed, Mouse Pill, and Growth Pill.

Health Packs fully heal the player back to 100%.

  • Mutanto grants the player invinsibility for 20 seconds and the ability to kill others by touching them.
  • Lightning Speed grants the player increased movement speed for 7 seconds.
  • Mouse Pill shrinks a player down to the size of a mouse, allowing them to access smaller areas. The player's health is also decreased and they cannot use any weapons.
  • Growth Pill transforms the player into a Giant, allowing them to punch other players and deal damage. The player's health is increased and they cannot use any weapons.


Collectibles provide the player objectives to fulfill, required or optional.

There are currently three (3) Collectibles: Stars, Coins, and Coin Chests.

  • Stars, when placed, start a Collection Game Mode. The first player to collect all the Stars wins.
  • Coins allow you to reward players by allowing them to unlock several different items in your game.
  • Coin Chests allow you to reward players with Coins in greater quantities.