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Players are the people that play or create in KoGaMa, frequently or not. They can play user-made games, but also just come to chat. They are responsible of creating content. The player can level up, get badges, give a "Like" to games, and various other things when they sign-up!

Some players act differently than others, being more calm, or more stressed. Some help the community with incredible maps, avatars and models.

Some players have a very positive contribution to the community, e.g. being discord moderators, translators, content creators, other KoGaMate, by editing the wiki, reporting bugs, reporting hackers and other positive influences.

Players in a Game[]

>WAR 4<

The quantity of players playing a game is displayed in the top right of the game's photo. Look at this game's player count.

Sometimes it shows there e.g. 100 players, and when you enter it it is there e.g. 20. This means that the rest of the users play on other sessions.

Player's profile[]


Some of the player's statistics are shown in their profile. This includes badges, level, rank, XP, friends and gold.

Bio and posts[]

The player can customize what the others will see in its profile. The bio is an example. You can either describe yourself, what are you feeling,etc briefly, or make an description filled with what you want. Its up to you to decide.

The players that visit your profile will now see the Bio and will know more about you.

Posts are another way to make players know more about you. Type something in the "What's up?" box, and press Enter! The post is now on your profile, simple enough. Other people can comment on your post, making it a way to interact with other people and make friends.


The games you make will all be marked in your profile, making it easier for people to visit their favorite creator's games. You can't create games on your phone.


Avatars you own will appear in your profile. The owner can visit this page and automatically wear the avatar they want. Simply click Activate. You can't create avatars on your phone.

Model Market[]

The models you publish go to your market. People can visit it to see all your models. Models cost 10 (previously they cost 30), and the owner of the model gets 1. (10%). You can't create games on your phone.

Avatar Market[]

The Avatar Market is the place where all the avatars you sell appear. Avatars cost 140 gold (previously they cost 30), and the owner of the avatar gets 14. (10%)