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The poison block is a block different from all the others, by stepping on that block the player will die, his life will go lower and lower until you die, this block is often used in parkour,horror and adventure games.

Gold Cost[]

  • It costs 0 Gold. (Earlier it cost 150 gold)


  • Previously, this block had an animation and it got added back.
  • Previously, this block costed gold.
  • You can have this block for free for a limited time if you buy an elite.
  • The old texture of this block used a darker green tone. This can still be seen on older models.
  • The material shares the same texture as the Kill one, except being green unlike Kill.


Instant Death was implemented as part of version 0.7.4 on March 28, 2012.[1] Poison was then introduced as a less fatal replacement for Instant Death as part of version 0.7.6 on April 17, 2012.[2]

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