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The sniper rifle uses a charged coil to fire metal slugs surpassing the speed of sound.

Devastating when used at long range. You need to fully charge your shot to fire!

Railgun is an item located on the Pickups tab, and is a long range weapon with total of 5 bullets. Your damage regardless of the hit region will be 100% of the enemy's life.


Pickup Type: Sniper

Damage: 100

Fire Rate: 5.3 seconds (5 seconds of charging + 0.3 second before charging again)

DPS (Damage Per Second): ~18.67

Range: Extremely Far

Damage Type: Single

Ammunition: 5 Bullets

Bullet Velocity: Instant

Hitbox: Small


  • Massive Damage per Shot
  • Can One Shot a Player without Health or Damage Reduction buffs and Oculus
  • Has the Longest Range in the KoGaMa
  • Can Zoom In While Charging


  • Extremely Slow Rate of Fire
  • Cannot Zoom Out While Charging
  • Small Hitbox
  • Low DPS (It does not matter much due to the fact it can one shot a player unless the player has Health and/or Damage Reduction buffs or against Sentry Towers.)
  • Must be Fully Charged to Fire
  • Low Ammunition


  • This weapon originally had 10 bullets, but it was nerfed to 5 in the version 1.70.
  • Railgun deals the most damage out of all pickups with the exception of mutanto, although it has the slowest fire rate as well.
  • It has the longest range in the game.
  • It has lower DPS compared to damaging pickups due to its extremely slow fire rate.
  • Railgun is one of the few damaging pickups that does not knockback players, others being mutanto, cube gun with lava or poison blocks, and flamethrower.


Game Coins:

  • 0-10000 coins requirement.


  • Your level or less level requirement.

Gold Cost

Free, standard inventory item


  • Rail Gun Effect

  • Rail Gun Pickup Effect

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