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Version 0.7.4 was released March 28, 2012.


  • Skybox logic cube implemented
  • Parkour material implemented
  • Added Instant death material: a block that caused instant death upon touch
  • Lava material now lights players on fire, preventing them from avoiding damage by "bunny hopping" across
  • Unspecified tweak to bouncy material
  • Game messages: notifications for whenever a player dies, joins, or leaves
  • Score: the in-game playerlist now tracks each player's number of kills
  • Slapping implemented: ability to push players via left-click when no weapon is equipped
  • Avatars can no longer collide with other avatars
  • Spray cube tool removed because it wasn't considered very useful
  • Various tweaks and bug fixes

  1. New Release, 0.7.4 (Archive)