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Version 0.7.6 was released April 17, 2012. The update was notable for introducing the short-lived first iteration of XP and the very first melee weapon, the sword. Release 0.7.6 was one of the few updates announced by Caspar himself. The announcement thread on the US Forums also featured a discussion between developers and players about a potential community-run griefer list.


  • Sword pickup added, KoGaMa's first melee weapon
  • Most icons and buttons moved to a new menu visible by pressing M: this menu was the same as the show player (TAB key) menu at the time.
  • XP system implemented: earn XP by killing players, capturing the flag, or by playing a new game for the first time. This short-lived XP system had no way of leveling up, and it shouldn't be confused with the current system, which was released with Version 1.20.
  • New Poison material introduced to replace Instant Death, gradually reducing player health rather than causing instant death likes its predecessor: remove the effect by collecting a health pack.
  • Added Facebook recommend button
  • Various tweaks and bug fixes[1]
  • New Release 0.7.6 (Archive)
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