Rocket Jumping Academy

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Rocket Jumping Academy
Parkour, strategy
Release date(s)
March 27, 2018


What is rocket jumping.png

  • Rocket Jumping is the technique of using the explosion of a rocket launcher combined with a jump. By rocket jumping, you can reach places where you can not get by normally. Rocket jumping was used in old Quake or Team Fortress 2, so you can try rocket jumping in these games too!

How to rocket jumping.png

  • Important thing is Bazooka, because you can't rocket jump without this. If you got this, you should jump, quickly look down towards the ground and then fire a single rocket immediately after you've looked down. You don't need to jump sometimes, because you don't need to, but jumping makes your rocket jumping better in some situations. Source: Fandom Wiki

Here's an example of Rocket Jumping:
Rja gif.gif
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If you want to play this game, there you go: