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The shotgun is a weapon that fires a spread of bullets, doing high damage if they all hit the target.


Description:[edit | edit source]

A gun modeled after the classic hunting rifle, firing a cluster of pellets.

Use this in close quarters to defeat any foe unfortunate enough to cross your path! The closer the enemy, the less bullets needed to kill (minimum bullets: 2, when opponent is really close!)

Ammunition:[edit | edit source]

  • 24 bullets
  • Each shot decreases a bullet
  • Each shot fires five pellets(but it counts as just a bullet).

Statistics:[edit | edit source]

Pickup Type: Shotgun

Damage Per Pellet: 13

Pellets Per Shot: 5

Potential Damage: 65

Fire Rate: 0.4 second

Minimum DPS (Damage Per Second): 32.5

Potential DPS: 162.5

Range: Mediocre

Damage Type: Spread

Ammunition: 24 Bullets

Bullet Velocity: Fast

Hitbox: Mediocre

Pros:[edit | edit source]

  • High Potential DPS
  • Multiple Projectiles
  • Decent Fire Rate
  • Spread Damage
  • Good Hitbox
  • Stackable Damage

Cons:[edit | edit source]

  • Low Minimum DPS
  • Relatively Low Damage Per Pellet
  • Gaps Between Projectiles
  • Relatively Low Ammunition
  • Damage Can't Stack At Longer Distances

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Shotgun is the spread-based weapon as it shoots spray of 5 projectiles.
    • Although, it's actually effective in combat due to its decent hitbox and its damage multiplying depending on number of pellet that hit your target.
  • Shotgun tend to be more useful against giant players due to its projectiles being able to stack more easily.
  • It can also potentially be used against jetpacks.

Configuration:[edit | edit source]

Game Coins:[edit | edit source]

  • 0-10000 coins requirement.

Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • Your level or less level requirement.

Gold Cost[edit | edit source]

Free, standard inventory item

Sounds[edit | edit source]

  • Shotgun Sound Effect

  • Shotgun Pickup Effect