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Whether you like to play with your friends or spend hours building your own game, an upgrade lets you to make the most of your time on Kogama. Upgrade now and treat yourself to the best value Kogama has to offer! Subscription is profitable, because you unlock and get many useful things for specified time! Read below what you can get by buying this!

What you get?

Daily Gold

Claim 20 Gold every day. And don’t worry: Rewards stack up so you will always receive your daily Gold, even if you don’t log in!


Subscriptions remove all ads from Kogama. Enjoy playing and building without having to wait for ads to finish!

XP Boost

Level up faster. Earn an extra 50% XP while playing and building!

XP boost other players

It's not just for you - your co-players and builders also receive a 10% XP boost when you play or build with them. They'll love it when you join a game!

Free building

Unleash your creativity with full access to builder tools. All objects, materials, logics and themes are completely free in build mode!

Golden Frame

Show off your avatar in a cool golden frame all across Kogama. Way to stand out!

Subscriber badge

And then of course there's the badge: Get that cool Subscribers-only badge to display on your profile!