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TTTTTas is an account on KoGaMa dedicated to making games and models. The Player also has a forum account and wiki account.


  • Joined Oct.13, 2016
  • Badges: 31 (not including levels)
  • Games: 48 (25 not closed) (12 finished) (6 in development)
  • models: 135
  • Avatar marketplace: 8
  • Avatars: 32
  • Leader board Position: 3812 (as of May,16,2021)
  • EXP: 674,578 (as of May,16,2021)
  • Level: 31
  • Friends: 99
  • Gold: 12


The player is very social on KoGaMa, they occasionally play games, but most of they time they're building.

  • Very anxious when it comes to asking for help or for wants. (Ironically loves to show creations and art to others)
  • Very prideful of their work
  • Enjoys his peace and quiet
  • Likes to make weird noises out of nowhere (example: *pop* )


Loves to play Roblox[Roblox Website]

Fan of Loomian Legacy, frequently plays and trying to catch every Loomian in the game. invested into the storyline.

Loves Mediterranean, (Italian) mexican, foods. Favorite Foods: Peas, Mashed Potatoes, Shrimp, Chicken, Golden Rice. (pepper is always good with pork ;) )

Enjoys pre-2000 songs like Everybody Wants to rule the weird, Africa, Take on me.. etc. (Favorite band: Toto)

More Roblox games include: Whatever Floats your Boat, Tiny Town Tycoon, Naval Warfare, Theme Park Tycoon2, Dragon Rage, Scuba diving at Quill Lake, Iron Assault, Build a boat for treasure, Blockate, The Roblox Plauge 2, This is no Simulator, and Anxiety.


Favorite TV shows: Infinity Train, Amphibia.

Making Games and Models on KoGaMa.




gravy, mustard, mushrooms, mayonnaise, and relish.

Papa Johns Pizza



Discord: TTTTTas #7856

Forums Account:TTTTTas Forums

Wiki: TTTTTas Wiki Fandom

Roblox: HabitualTasBackupAc

TheoTown forum: HabitualTasBackupAc TheoTown


top 3 Games: Empires of Retail Paris Showcase World5

top 3 Models: Historic Complex Classic Home Eiffel Tower(MOTW)

top 3 Avatars: Loaded Rico (BS)Chlorine Armstrong Totem

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Header text
Wiki Pages: https://kogama. fandom. com/wiki/Ethanf30 (remove spaces)

Proud co-founder of UFSB (Ultra Fast Speed Builders) Early 2018 joined October 13th 2016

Game Developer on KoGaMa

My main interests on the platform: making models and producing games


---- KoGaMa Summary ----- TTTTTas History summary


Nationality: American (US)

Specialty: building/model making

Kinda ok at: Logistics.




I will not reply to Spam

I dont want you stealing my models, I spend alot of time on them

-----MY PERSONALITY~-------------------------------------------------------------------------------~

I log on often and go on building sprees once and a while

Im not shy, but I have trouble asking for things.

I like to use the KoGaMa Emojis when I chat :)

I like to make funny noises

I consider myself kind, but I will be condescending if you spread mis-information

really, everything is just a joke :)


The player has 102 friends, half inactive whom they love very much :)

The players who assist them most in building are: Balt Tlab Natecookies

The player is in a building group called UFSB (Ultra Fast Speed Builders) UFSB He created it with his friend, Detective Levi in October of 2018.

They discovered KoGaMa in the computer lab of his school when his brother found the site, he quickly grew to love it.



The player joined KoGaMa 2016 and created his first game, quickly editing the the city baseplate and placing weapons around the map.

He played with his school friends example: Hannah112 ethanf30 (brother) wiki:Ethanf30

He remembers he had referred a student to the site, which quickly left.

This year, TTTTTas was mostly inexperienced in building and logistics on KoGaMa.


Not much is known about this year

The player continued small projects that are unfinished to this day.

This year, TTTTTas would release his largest game ever, City Life. the game garnered a few hundred plays and was and still is the players most popular game. It was built off of models from the marketplace starring the games hero, TurtleMan.

Turtleman was the games hero and stood at the east middle edge of the map with his pals, reading the text, "Im TurtleMan want a hug"

The game soon featured small house models built by TTTTTas and a 'skyscraper'.


This year TTTTTas would find many friends, like DetectiveLevi, and natecookies.

He spent this year working on his very first models

This year was also spent working on games such as Trick O' Treat Simulator, GemWars, and MemeLand (where USFB was started)


UFSB was started by DetectiveLevi and TTTTTas, which would soon be joined by le_bear le_bear account page

Memeland was really the first game where TTTTTas learned to use logic.


This year was very unproductive, he took a break.


This year February would lead to TTTTTas's return to KoGaMa.

The Coronavirus pandemic would push him back online.

He began working on a Paris,France showcase were he built an Eiffel tower model.

One day, his friend DetectiveLevi would come online, he invited him to the UFSB discord server, he refused but months later caved in.

unsatisfied with his previous Eiffel tower model, he began work on a new better one, which took him a week.

With the help of -HDB- he submitted it to highlights of the week KoGaMa, and won MOTW.

He created all sorts of new models and games, including Empires of Retail, Giant Seek, and the waiting game.

This eventful year brought the player onto the KDS and integrated him into the KoGaMa community.


He got his account unbanned from the KDS

and works on his games.

Massive work on Empires of Retails

leaves UFSB

Starts Cube Logic and then disbands it


Massive work on Empires of Retails


  • TTTTTas has had Nard_Hard_Games as a username.
  • TTTTTas tried to win AOTW (Avatar of the Week) with his Chlorine Armstrong avatar.
  • TTTTTas's largest game (by blocks) Is World5
  • TTTTTas loves to build mini versions of cities, minicity
  • TTTTTas originally had the username TTTTTas but after a while wanted it back (changed their username) but it was taken, they used a font generator to take their name back.


references: Ethanf30, TTTTTas profile Balt.tl@b UFSB, Roblox Wiki. HabitualTasBackupAc ethanf30