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A Modest Proposal[]

Hello all,
It comes to my attention that this Tools page includes pickups, blueprints, logic, and advanced logic. As it is, we have separate pages for pickups, blueprints, logic cubes, and Advanced Logic. Also, the name "Tools" is misleading because the page doesn't cover actual building tools (edit/delete/paint cube, drawplane, etc.). So in the end, there's obviously something wrong. We shouldn't have separate pages for each tab of the Inventory if we have a Tools page that covers them all. Better yet, we shouldn't have a Tools page that covers each tab of the Inventory when we already have an Inventory page that does just that.
My proposal:

  1. Modify the separate pages previously mentioned to fit the style of this page
  2. Make the Inventory page fit the style of this one and link to the separate pages
  3. Make this a page of building tools in general. That is, an overview of the various tools in build mode: edit cube, paint cube, delete cube, snap-to-grid, drawplane, show logic, inventory, create model, themes, materials, etc. Most of those items -- inventory, models, materials -- would also have their own separate main articles.

Yes, I do understand it is very hard to break from an established paradigm and follow some newbie's new idea. But if you actually critically assess the above plan, I think you will see that it makes some sense. The current plan just isn't working.--Icerios (talk) 17:56, 4 April 2019 (UTC)